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Structured Cabling

Structured cabling, voice & data, ethernet cabling, wiring, network cables whichever term you would like to use WE DO IT ALL. Cables connect your computer, phone, wireless access points, cameras, copiers, etc. to your data and phone network. Cabling also provides power to devices, such as cameras, wireless access points, and phones, using power over ethernet (PoE) technology. Without cabling, companies would not have network capability to perform as a successful business.

We use only high-end quality products in our structured wiring solutions, which are backed by 12 month warranty. Our cabling services are designed to help you maximize your network infrastructure investment from start to finish, whether at a single data center or multiple sites. Let one of our experts come out take a look and understand your business needs, iQ Telecom Solutions can install a complete voice and data system with service and support during and after the installation.

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