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By allowing iQ Telecom Solutions design your network, you will receive a strong commitment to excellence and every effort by us to provide prompt reliable service with a commitment to customer service satisfaction. Whether you need a completely new network installed, or an upgrade to your existing network, our professional Design Service is here to help. Having a high-functioning, well-maintained, and secure data network for your company is a crucial component of a successful business environment. iQ Telecom Solutions offers a range of customized network design and installation services for your business or office building, which provides your company with exactly what you need—nothing more, nothing less.


Partnering with us for your business’s network design needs, you not only receive high-quality service, you’ll also benefit from a customized network installation solution with:

  • Design that fits

  • Security that works

  • Full-scale technology implementation

Local Area Networks (LAN)

iQ Telecom Solutions state-of-the-art local area network (LAN) designs cover a limited area and are the ideal choice for businesses with one location. These closed networks provide:

  • Office-wide access to the internet

  • Better performance.  Your computer network systems will be optimized for premium usage and tailored to your business’s needs and desires.

  • Tighter Security.  Avoid the threat of hackers with our built-in firewalls and enhanced server security.

  • Reduced Operating Costs.  Our high-quality network design services allow all of the computers in your office to share resources, such as printers and storage devices.

  • Universal Access.  LAN networks give all of your staff access to the programs you use, whether they work in the office or are remote.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

iQ Telecom Solutions highly secure, technologically advanced wide area networks (WAN) installation services are ideal for large companies with multiple offices or locations. Our advanced network design for WANs help you connect more computers together, giving you the room to grow your business to your ideal size.

Network Server Rack Installation 


Your company’s network is highly dependent on its hardware and components. At iQ telecom Solutions, we understand that your IT equipment must be secure, but also readily available and accessible. That’s why we work with industry-leading product and solution vendors to offer our clients sturdy, reliable and secure network server racks and enclosures.

Contact us today  for a consultation and find out how our advanced network design and installation services can redefine your company’s digital environment.

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