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Why Choose

iQ Telecom

Our Mission

  • Quality-Planning

  • Quality-Processes

  • Quality-Products

  • Quality-People 

Providing QUALITY service to our customers

Our Promise

We deliver speed, value, and quality from start to finish. We work with you every step of the way, including:

  • Design Consultation

  • Technology Selection: low-voltage cabling & optical networking 

  • Project Management

  • Corporate Procurement

  • Managed Logistics


Who are we?

iQ Telecom Solutions, LLC is a Minority and Service Disabled Veteran owned telecommunications company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We provide telecom infrastructure solutions and have worked in both the private and public sector. Our process-focused model emphasizes cost savings tactics and various process improvement methodologies; which increase productivity. We are committed to excellence and creating innovative and flexible solutions for State, Federal, Residential, and Educational provider clients.

What makes us different?

iQ Telecom’s services differ from our competitors because

of the quality of work we deliver. Due to the nature of the industry, a company’s reputation is a key element for success. iQ Telecom has outlined how we achieve infinite quality below:

1. Effectively managing the scope, time and cost of

each project, which minimizes cost.


2. Over communicating when managing resources,

which eliminates waste.


3. Precociously planning for risk and developing

risk management plans, which mitigates safety

and financial risks.

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